Hilly and the Deficits!

Singing all your favourites...

Singing all your favorites Oldies...

I Want to Hold Your Wallet
Paint It, Red
Will You Filibuster Me Tomorrow
Can't Take My Eyes Off Your Paycheck
The House of the Rising Deficits
The Liberals Sleep Tonight
When a Man Loves a Women But Sleeps With Anything With A Pulse

Tickets: $5.00
Tax: $75
Penalty: $100 (if driving an SUV)
Credit: -$5 (If driving a Prius)

* * *


"It's a lie. Yup. You Betcha!" says Dynamo

Plains Township, PA (UPI-Oh-Ki-Yay)

James O'Meara, a.k.a. "Dynamo" is looking svelte these days. For months, Dynamo attributed his sleeker physique to "eating less and exercising more," a radical and seldom used weight loss technique in the United States.

But then Dynamo's former trainer, Amos Behavin, testified under oath before the Mitchell Commission that he'd given Jimbo massive steroid injections on at least seventy-four occasions since last April.

Dynamo doesn't deny he was injected, but says the shots were not steroids.

"All the shots contained experimental vitamin WBC" says Dynamo.

WBC is concentrated chicken wing sauce suspended in sterile bleu cheese.

"Sure, I've lost a little weight," says Dynamo. "But I really don't look all that different than I did last winter."

Readers can compare the following photos and draw their own conclusions...

Makeup: Good thing? Bad Thing??

Kumari Fulbright, an Arizona beauty queen and law clerk, is in a wee bit of trouble for terrorizing her boyfriend. (A little gunplay, a little knifeplay, some biting and lots of duct tape).

The bigger question, from where I sit, is whether or not makeup is really necessary for some folks.

With makeup...
Beauty queen with makeup (and machine gun)...

With makeup...
...and without for her police booking photo

Geesh. I dunno.

Your call...

* * *

2007....Recap and Resolutions....

Happy New Year...
2007 bites the dust...

...and by and large, I couldn't be happier to see it go.

Let's start with the recap.

As I've said before, better and smarter folks will be "wrapping up" the big news stories of 2007. I'm just going to review what the year was like here in the "Dynaverse," and the best way to do that is to touch on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good

There's less of me. I started the year at around 212 pounds, and ended around 190. I'm therefore twenty-two pounds less ugly, which benefits not only me but anyone who has the misfortune to lay eyes on me while they're eating.

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