From the Sky - Part XV

From the Sky - Part XV

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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and Spice...

I promised to speak of Aunt Rae's great love. Let me tell you how I first learned of it. When I was in junior high I had my first real schoolgirl crush on a boy who was on the wrestling team. His name was Evan. He didn't seem to know I existed, despite my efforts. I tried everything I could think of to get his attention. I would approach him in the hallway at school and ask what his favorite band was. I'd talk about the snow, if it was snowing, the rain if it was raining, and any of a thousand other mundane and harmless, safe subjects. All I ever got in response were one-word answers and polite brush-offs. I tried making myself prettier, doing what I could to draw attention away from my little no-chin. I'd change my hair. He wouldn't notice. I'd put on lipstick and eyeliner in the lavatory (Dad would have never let me leave the house wearing any kind of makeup at that age). No effect whatsoever. I even wrote his name in permanent black marker on the cover of my notebook. Thick, black strokes: EVAN. I'd hold that notebook where he could see it, but he seemed to have a curious blind spot where my notebook was concerned.

From the Sky - Part XIV

From the Sky - Part XIV

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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I've brought you something. Here, open the box. Do you see? Caramels! Aunt Sal made them for me last night. It's not a difficult thing, making caramels, as long as you have a good candy thermometer and a little patience. Some things can't be rushed. Certainly not Sal's caramels; they rival anything you can buy in a candy shop. So those are yours. It's my way of saying I'm sorry for keeping you here so long last week! The children didn't mind, of course. Between the slides, the swings, the monkey bars …well they'd play until midnight if we let them.

I really thought I'd be finished by now, but my little story keeps unfolding as I remember more and more, and as my aunts share their memories with me. But I really truly am nearing the end. I'd better be because the days are getting shorter at an alarming rate, aren't they? Soon the boys will be starting school and we'll be done with weekday visits to the park for a while.

Exploring the Amazon...

Hopefully, one of the things that makes my website unique is my willingness to share my writing process with others. It is why I post early versions of my work, instead of the polished final versions that I submit to editors. Looking at a finished piece of work can be intimidating for a fledgling writer. It certainly is for me! By sharing my process "warts and all" I hope to drive home the point that first you write, then re-write and rewrite and rewrite ...and at some point you arrive at that polished, finished piece.

My own process is constantly evolving. A new arena is self-publishing. I've just published one of my early short stories as a Kindle e-book at Amazon. Coming shortly will be a blow-by-blow of how I did it and what I learned. For now, I'll share the link to the story so you can download it. (It will cost you a whopping $1.00). No Kindle? You can also download Amazon's free Kindle-for-PC software and read July 27 on your PC.

When you're done reading the story, kindly review it at Amazon. Give it an honest rating. The story did very well in competition, but when you download it... YOU'RE THE JUDGE!

July 27: Available at Amazon Now...


(P.S. I've been watching folks "catch up" a bit on From the Sky before unleashing the next segment. That's coming soon!)

From the Sky - Part XIII

From the Sky - Part XIII

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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A nice fritatta...

The taxi driver walked to the bakery just before closing time. He approached the counter and said: "My fare wants to know if the Tarentella men are here today."

Rae and Sal glanced at each other.

"Are they?" the taxi driver implored.

"Papa is in his office," Rae replied.

"Uncle Gio went for a haircut," added Sal. "He'll be back soon."

"Who is looking for us?" asked Ernesto as he left his office for the day, ledger under his arm, pen behind his ear and tired eyes sparkling below arched, bushy eyebrows.

"The woman I picked up at the hotel."

From the Sky - Part XII

From the Sky - Part XII

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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Little toasts...

"Papa, are you sick?"

Ernesto sat at the desk in the bakery's business office, a fisted hand up to his mouth, eyes closed. He looked up, ran his hand through his lightly-curled salt and pepper hair and tried to smile.

"Agita, Zia. Just agita. There's so much to do. The wedding cakes! The picnic!"

"You have agita because you and Uncle Gio fight all the time over a woman you barely know."

"Tell me her name," Ernesto urged his youngest daughter. "Surely you know it!"

"Of course I know her name, Papa."

Ernesto waited but Zia said nothing.

From the Sky - Part XI

From the Sky - Part XI

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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I was still angry with Zia as our plane circled the Fort Myers airport waiting to land. I watched through my window as tufts of grey-white clouds slid past us. I prayed Zia had a hangover of epic proportions. When we arrived at our honeymoon suite on Captiva Island Joe and I went to our balcony, which overlooked the Gulf of Mexico. It was late in the day. Below us, a glorious stretch of beach and above a cloudless sky with birds hovering over the water's edge looking for supper, I'm sure. As the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico in a splendid splash of gold and red, my anger vanished.

A Note on From the Sky...

It is inevitable, I suppose, that when writing a novel one needs to go back and change something.

I have made a change to Part III of From the Sky, only a few lines, but the change is significant because it involves the serenade.

I first wrote of the serenade in Part III as a bit of a teaser for a future segment. I wrote that the serenade takes place under a window. Well, I'm moving the venue. In preparing to write the serenade segment I realized that it would make a lot more sense to have Gio do his singing elsewhere.

I didn't want to confuse anyone. It is part of the process, however, and as much as anything I'm sharing my process. I like to make revisions like this after the first complete draft of the story, but in this case I had to make an exception. Again... part of the process.


The Greater Depression Chronicles...

...this feature will resume in the near future. It may ...or may not what you expect. But it will draw on my experiences of the last year. What I saw. The people I talked with as I campaigned. What I read. What I followed in the media.

I never officially "ended" the GDC. I simply stopped posting to take a long, long breath.

It's time to exhale...


The Spring Blogfest in Pittston. Hope for America???

Wondering what the Blogfest was?

Wondering what you missed?

Folks... this is politics unique to Northeastern Pennsylvania. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and others under the same roof at the same time. And every second civil, cordial and *gasp* even respectful to each other. If this spreads, there's hope for America...

Regrets Sent...

I had to pass on attending the royal wedding. There were no wings on the menu. Her Majesty (a pretty nice girl, usually not much to say) gave me a call Thursday evening.

"Do reconsider. Perhaps some boneless wingbits," she pleaded.

"Sorry. Real men eat wings with bones. Regrets," I replied. "Besides, I'd miss the Blogfest in Pittston on Friday night."

"I tried to get them to move the date," Her Highness sighed.

"Rooney's Irish Pub wouldn't budge?" I asked.

"Silly Boy. I tried to move the wedding date. I wanted to show off my lovely yellow hat in Pittston. Couldn't be arranged. Too much bother with all the security. Enjoy the Blogfest. Send my love to Yonkstur. Toodles!"

Click went the phone.

Yup. A pretty nice girl.

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