Very Short Fiction...


Writing the Short Stuff...

Short Stuff!

There's a wonderful quote by Meridith Pignon at the Glimmer Train website in which she says, "...Writing a short story requires a degree of fearlessness."

How utterly true, those words!

My process for writing very short fiction is quite different than anything else I write. When I'm working on larger projects, I think in "chunks." What needs to happen in this next installment or chapter? Am I on-track? Am I staying true to my characters?

Very Short Stories...what I call the "short stuff" ...has to unfold and resolve to a (hopefully) satisfying ending in one shot. That's where the fearlessness comes in. The shorter the piece, the less luxury one has to "paint" the fine detail on the canvas. The strokes have to be bold, the colors and textures sharp.

I hope you find the "short stuff" at Dynamo satisfying. I'm still growing as a writer...I started very late...but hopefully the best lies ahead.

Off to write...

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