2007....Recap and Resolutions....

Happy New Year...
2007 bites the dust...

...and by and large, I couldn't be happier to see it go.

Let's start with the recap.

As I've said before, better and smarter folks will be "wrapping up" the big news stories of 2007. I'm just going to review what the year was like here in the "Dynaverse," and the best way to do that is to touch on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good

There's less of me. I started the year at around 212 pounds, and ended around 190. I'm therefore twenty-two pounds less ugly, which benefits not only me but anyone who has the misfortune to lay eyes on me while they're eating.

Long walks. Yes, this sort of goes with the last one...but more came out of my marathon walking sessions than losing a few pounds. They cleared my head, built up my endurance, and allowed me to see things at "ground level." There are so many things I never noticed while zipping past them in my car. In Pittston, for example, there's a lovely little grotto right along Main Street. I've driven past it a thousand times and never noticed it. Slow down, folks. Walk. See life at "ground level."

Pittston Grotto...
...you never know what new discovery you'll make while walking...

Family Time. I spend more time with my family than I ever have. I've put my ex-career in perspective, and realized that family is what matters. (Hey, it's not your boss who makes the call one day on whether or not to ship you off to the Aged Dynanuts Nursing Home! )

Learning one person can make a difference. Here are the roots on this one: Mark Williams came to town once with a hot band and found out he'd been screwed out of a venue. My first thought was: "Gee, that's terrible. I wish I could do something." Then I realized there was a hot nightspot right across the street. I could do something. I walked across the street, got the owner's ear, and the show went on. This year I took that same approach in local politics, rallying the political committee I belong to into putting together a successful fundraiser.

Feline antics. My cats continue to amuse me. I was a "dog person" growing up, but our wacky pack of cats has converted me. On my worst days, these furballs do something to perk me up.

Crazed kitty...
One of my nutballs..

Two more Godchildren!

Turning 50. It's seems to have focused me.

I still have my day job! I can feed my family! Yippee!

The Bad

Turning 50. I'm now a focused old fart.

I still have my #!@$% day job!

Things are tight. Like most folks, I'm finding it harder and harder just to tread water these days. 2007 was the most challenging year financially I've ever had. 2008 looks like an even tougher nut to crack.

Hospitals. Hands down, the worst stretch was the week my wife was in the hospital.

The Ugly

Drunks can't shoot straight.

The continued erosion of my former career into a job. I'm not complaining...it just is what it is, folks. They pay me, some days I still have fun, and I'm surrounded by some great folks. But it ain't what it was (which is a damned shame) and that's what puts it on the "ugly" list.

Unfinished business. I have an imposing pile of unfinished stories. They have to be dealt with. Why is this ugly? Because I may have to accept the fact that one or two of these need to be abandoned. Sometimes you have to weed. (Note: I'm not talking about weeding out anything in-progress at this site. But there are some pieces I've been working on in fits and starts for years now...I have to decide their fate).

And now...Dynamo's 2008 "Big 4" Resolution List!

No new stories...until I've gone through the ugly business of finishing or weeding that pile of work I mentioned earlier. This doesn't mean there will be less fiction at Dynamo...it probably means there will be more. As I finish them, I will post them.

Submit at least one piece of work each month. If I stay on track with that, I'll have more stories in the laps of editors than I ever have before.

Get published twice. This is simply a goal of doubling my "published" stories. (While July 27 actually goes to print this year at Byline Magazine, it was accepted in 2007).

I will cuss less. You wouldn't suspect it to look at me, but I can cuss like a sailor. No more. Done. Finis.

Oh, ##$%#!!!


Just spilled my water in my @#@#$%%^ keyboard.

Make that Dynamo's "Big 3" Resolution List...

* * *

Feel free to write Dynamo and share your thoughts on 2007, your resolutions for 2008, or a really great recipe for wings (one can never have too many recipes for wings).

* * *

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