No Cognitive Defect XVII

Wilson reached into his wallet and fished out a ten-dollar bill. The waitress took it and moved on, making no attempt at giving change. He was about to fold up the wallet when he saw his driver's license. It was an old license, very old indeed, with a 1974 expiration date. Yet it looked practically new. He was pondering that mystery when he felt lips press against his neck. He turned. It was Erica.

"It's you!"

"Well who did you expect, Wilson? I'm in the lady's room five minutes and you forget me already?" she laughed, her green eyes afire. She shook her head and smiled, her blond and silvered hair shimmering in the muted light. She always looked so much younger than he. More than once she'd been mistaken for his daughter.

"But how…" he began.

"Dance with me," she said and pulled him to his feet. "You made me come to New York City to honky-tonk, so that's my price: a dance."

The band started playing My Bucket's Got a Hole In It and Erica was whirling him across the dance floor. They were dancing a night club two-step and they were doing it flawlessly. Facing each other they moved side to side, Erica twirling and then he as well. A crowd began to form around them. He glanced at the mirror. His eyes must have been playing tricks on him before, because the Wilson he saw in the glass was wearing jeans and a denim shirt after all. He turned to meet Erica's eyes and she said: "Only you would go honky-tonking in a monkey suit, Wilson."

He glanced down to see the suit once more. Something else had changed, and it took him several long seconds to accept what he was seeing: Erica was young again, no silver in her hair, no wrinkles gathered at the corners of her eyes. She was so very young! Wilson's right leg began to stiffen up. The crowd was vigorously clapping and urging them on. They neither noticed nor cared that he was suddenly having trouble keeping up with Erica's carefree dancing.

People started chanting.

"They're calling your name!" shouted Erica over the band.

And so they were. Wilson …Wilson …Wilson!

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