From the Sky - Part XXI

"Back to work then, my sweet Zia. You have all of that elaborate piping to do on Bitsy's cake. It's very tedious work. You go take care of that, and I'll keep the birds, bees, alligators and elephants from invading our bakery."

Zia smiled, kissed his cheek, and walked away. Gio found a small cardboard box for the sparrow. He wrapped the tiny ball of down and feathers loosely and carefully in an old, clean rag and placed it inside the box. He walked out of the bakery and down the alley to the dumpster just behind the building. He put the box down and opened the lid on the dumpster. A quick rustle, a light rush of sound, and something flew past his head. He watched as the sparrow streaked skyward, heading toward the river. Well, what kind of omen was that? He threw the empty box away, closed the lid and headed to his office, singing softly to himself. A great smile formed on his lips, bursting like a golden sunrise over an ocean horizon. The sparrow flew on, across the river, and rested in the upper branches of a pine. The little bird's miraculous recovery was short lived; it fell prey to an owl at dusk, just as the lightning began streaking over Walnutwood and the great, tragic night began to fall.

Mixed Omens...

* * *

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