From the Sky - Part XXI

From the Sky - Part XXI

By James M. O'Meara, © 2012

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Salsiccia Fresca

In Italy, too, we love pork...

Rae and Sal placed the last of the toys and stuffed animals on the shelf of the children's tent. Walnutwood's children would soon trade their winning tickets from the lollipop tree, the frog pond, or any of the other half-dozen games for their prizes. No losers allowed: every child won something, whether a small plastic toy or a stuffed animal. The sisters stepped back to review their work. Sal stepped forward and straightened a small stuffed bear, then stepped back again and nodded her head in satisfaction.

"Papa said something a little worrisome this morning," Rae sighed as her eyes swept across the shelf.

The air was humid, thick, and heavy with late summer heat. The brows of both sisters were glistening with perspiration. Sal arched her eyebrows and waited.

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