From the Sky - Part XX


"Well what, Paulie?"

"What color was the sky?"

"It was like a morning on Mars, Paulie. Now put the fondant there …no, there! That's it!"

"The weather's fine, Uncle, it's just hot. Maybe that red sky thing is a big bunch of junk."

As an answer, Gio pointed towards the door where his umbrella stood at the ready along the wall. As he pointed, the door opened.


It was Ernesto, shouting as he came into the bakery, the side door closing behind him.

"Coming, Papa!"

Zia walked briskly past her brother and uncle and went to her father.

"Your presence is requested outside, Zia."

"I don't have time now, Papa."

"I'm told it's a matter of the heart."

"Who is it? Ray? Saul? Patrick?"


"Which one, Papa?"

"All of them."

"All! They're here together?"

Ernesto stepped back and opened the door. Zia's three beaux stood in a line facing her, as if awaiting a review: Raymond and his tousled brown hair, chestnut eyes, khaki's and denim shirt; Saul with his combed black hair, grey eyes, black pants and white button-down shirt; Patrick in his police uniform, blue eyes and short-cropped red hair covered by his policeman's hat.

"What? What? What!" Zia cried to each in turn.

Saul stepped forward and said: "We need to know, Zia."

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