From the Sky - Part XX

Red Sky at morning...

"Rosso di sera, bel tempo si spera, rosso di mattina mal tempo si avvicina," sighed Gio. He'd been back from the church nearly an hour, and other than barking orders these were the first words he'd said to his nephew all day.

"What does that one mean, Uncle?" Paulie asked as he helped Gio carry the fondant and icings to the huge table where Zia and Alberto were assembling the cooled cakes.

"A red sky at night means good weather is coming. Red skies in the morning? Don't lose your umbrella."

"What color was the sky this morning, Uncle?"

"What time did you get up, Paulie?"


"So late! You missed half the day!"

"It's the same time I get up for school, and it's still summer, Uncle Gio!"

Gio waved his hand and sighed.

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