From the Sky - Part XX

From the Sky - Part XX

By James M. O'Meara, © 2012

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Caffè Freddo

Caffe Freddo...

Rae and Zia spent the first part of Saturday morning setting up the children's games under the kiddie tent: a lollipop tree, a beanbag toss, a ring toss and a plastic bowling game with white pins and a bright orange ball. When they finished, they took a break to eat rich, buttery-flavored cinnamon rolls that dripped thick, vanilla frosting. They sipped iced coffees and the cool, stimulating liquid made the humidity bearable. It wasn't yet noon and already it was uncomfortably hot from the late summer heat wave gripping Walnutwood.

"Look," said Zia, nudging Rae and pointing.

Sal was running across the picnic grounds. Two of the boys from the back were carrying chairs across the lot. Sal stopped them, said something to each, and began running again. Zia and Rae watched as she passed near the front of each tent, stopping at every iron anchor stake to bend down and touch it before running to the next.

"Sal," Zia shouted. "Have you been into the Sambuca already?"

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