From the Sky - Part XVII

A customer walked in.

"It's Mrs. Clancy," whispered Rae, disappointed. "She's come for her rolls."

Rae walked toward the counter and heard Sal gasp. She looked back to see Sal slam the sketchbook shut.

"What are you doing!"

It was Zia, standing outside the office and glaring at Sal.

"I'm sorry!" said Sal, raising her hands together as if praying and touching her fingertips to her lips.

Zia stormed to the counter and picked up her books.

"I was just looking. I'm sorry, Zia, really I am."

Zia turned her head to look at Rae, who pursed her lips and blushed.

"Oh, and you too!" cried Zia. "Some big sisters you are! Maybe I should sneak up to your rooms and go rooting through your things!"

Zia stormed away and her sisters turned to watch her disappear into the back of the bakery.

"She's really upset," said Rae.

Sal said nothing. Her face was red, her hands trembling.

"What's wrong, Sal?"

"Nothing," Sal stammered. "She startled me. That's all. She just startled me."

"So much you had to say it twice?"

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