From the Sky - Part XVII

Getting ready...

"Where is Paulie?" Rae asked, exasperated. "He was supposed to be helping the boys set up the tents!"

"I saw him talking with little Ruthie Quinlan in front of the bakery not half-an-hour ago," replied Sal.

"She was 'little Ruthie' two years ago, Sal. Now she's nothing but trouble. The boys are like lemmings trailing her, especially Paulie."

"He's just a child!"

"Romeo was his age, and we know how that turned out."

"Juliet was Paulie's age," interjected Zia as she came up from the back of the bakery. She set her sketch book and cake bible on the counter and turned to face her sisters.

"Romeo was half a decade older," she continued. "Men have always been so shameless, haven't they? They'd arrest Romeo these days."

"Well, then, all the worst for Paulie," said Rae. "If a grown man couldn't resist Juliet, what chance does Paulie have against Ruthie Quinlan?"

"Oh Rae," laughed Sal, "You see drama everywhere. They're just kids."

"You go ahead and call them kids if you like," Rae shot back. "All I see are walking vats of hormones."

"O Paulie, Paulie," cried Zia dramatically, rushing to lean over the edge of the counter with her hand over her brow to search an imaginary horizon, "Wherefore art thou, Little Paulie! Deny thy Aunts and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but my sworn hunk of manflesh and I'll no longer be a Quinlan!"

"Shall I hear more," answered Sal playing along, her hands over her heart, "Or shall I speak at this? Or just stand here drooling?"

"Hush, both of you," said Rae. "It's not funny. Pretty girls turn our brother's head a bit too quickly. It will be trouble one day, you'll see!"

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