From the Sky - Part XVII

From the Sky - Part XVII

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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Glasse in Pasta

Raising the tents...

My aunts looked forward to the annual picnic. The hard work didn't bother them. That's fortunate, because the picnic was essentially a second full-time job for a few weeks each summer. But while all the preparations could be exhausting, the picnic was also the high point of the summer for my family. Grandfather and Uncle Gio kept everything on track, and unlike the rest of the year they never argued. The picnic brought them together each summer in a way nothing else in their lives ever could. Zia says that for a few weeks each year the brothers Tarentella almost seemed to enjoy each other's company.

My aunts were all grown up by the time the Tarentella's had their last picnic. My father, the baby, was in junior high. Uncle Gio and Grandfather weren't old men yet, but they were slowing down a little bit. They sorely appreciated having their "Little Paulie" handy during picnic week to run quick errands or help prepare the grounds. Of course they had to find my father first, and like many teenagers, he had a remarkable tendency to go missing just when work needed to be done.

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