From the Sky - Part XVI

From the Sky - Part XVI

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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Fare un Picnic

Festival Tarantella...

It is time to tell you about the picnics.

Aunt Zia says this annual event should have been called 'The Festival Tarentella.' "A picnic is a basket of sandwiches, cold chicken, potato salad and maybe a bottle of wine," she says. "Papa and Uncle Gio fed and entertained most of Walnutwood. It cost a fortune!"

They started as modest affairs: simple celebrations for our family and the families of those who worked in the bakery. The scope of the celebration grew slowly, beginning with a decision by the Tarentella brothers to invite some of the neighbors. Aunt Sal says it was a prudent decision: "The picnics were lasting late into the evening. There was singing and laughter until nearly midnight. Papa and Gio figured if the neighbors were there they couldn't call the police to complain about all the noise."

One year Grandfather decided to invite the bakery's biggest customers to the picnic. He didn't tell Gio until a few days beforehand. It was one of the few times they weren't on the same page for the picnic. Gio correctly predicted other customers would feel snubbed. There were hurt feelings and some lost business.

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