From the Sky - Part XV

From the Sky - Part XV

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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and Spice...

I promised to speak of Aunt Rae's great love. Let me tell you how I first learned of it. When I was in junior high I had my first real schoolgirl crush on a boy who was on the wrestling team. His name was Evan. He didn't seem to know I existed, despite my efforts. I tried everything I could think of to get his attention. I would approach him in the hallway at school and ask what his favorite band was. I'd talk about the snow, if it was snowing, the rain if it was raining, and any of a thousand other mundane and harmless, safe subjects. All I ever got in response were one-word answers and polite brush-offs. I tried making myself prettier, doing what I could to draw attention away from my little no-chin. I'd change my hair. He wouldn't notice. I'd put on lipstick and eyeliner in the lavatory (Dad would have never let me leave the house wearing any kind of makeup at that age). No effect whatsoever. I even wrote his name in permanent black marker on the cover of my notebook. Thick, black strokes: EVAN. I'd hold that notebook where he could see it, but he seemed to have a curious blind spot where my notebook was concerned.

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