From the Sky - Part XIV

From the Sky - Part XIV

By James M. O'Meara, © 2011

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I've brought you something. Here, open the box. Do you see? Caramels! Aunt Sal made them for me last night. It's not a difficult thing, making caramels, as long as you have a good candy thermometer and a little patience. Some things can't be rushed. Certainly not Sal's caramels; they rival anything you can buy in a candy shop. So those are yours. It's my way of saying I'm sorry for keeping you here so long last week! The children didn't mind, of course. Between the slides, the swings, the monkey bars …well they'd play until midnight if we let them.

I really thought I'd be finished by now, but my little story keeps unfolding as I remember more and more, and as my aunts share their memories with me. But I really truly am nearing the end. I'd better be because the days are getting shorter at an alarming rate, aren't they? Soon the boys will be starting school and we'll be done with weekday visits to the park for a while.

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