From the Sky - Part XII

"I will stop if she comes to our picnic."

"Oh, Papa …are you even listening to me?"

"If she promises to come I won't send anything else to the hotel."

"And Uncle Gio?"

"He'll stop too, I'll see to it. But she must come, Zia, she must. Our picnic is so wonderful. So many people! The food! The music! The dancing! What will she ever know about our little piece of Walnutwood if she misses the picnic?"

"I'll ask her. That's all I can do, Papa."

A knock at the door, and they looked to see Rae and Sal standing in the doorway.

"There's a van here from the hotel," said Rae.

"A van?" asked Ernesto.

"They're piling things in front of the counter, Papa," added Sal. "So many flowers and boxes of candy…"

"I'll see to the flowers, Papa," said Rae.

"And I'll take care of the candy," said Sal. "I'll open them and make platters for the picnic. But I'm taking a box of caramels. I so love caramels!"

Ernesto ignored them and looked up again at Zia.

"Ask her, Zia, please."

Caramels for Sal...

* * *

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