From the Sky - Part XI

"Love hasn't destroyed you, Aunt Sal."

"Because I keep it at a distance."

She poured herself a second Frangelico and sipped it.

"Does he know? That you love him?"

"Of course, Renata. I've always loved him, even after he gave up on me and married someone else. I wanted him, Renata. But I couldn't let something as dangerous as love ruin us."

But of course she nearly had, and I couldn't say that, not to dear, sweet Aunt Sal.

"When he wrote last week he said we will be together. He said one day he's coming back to Walnutwood. He said he will start a new life here, perhaps open a bakery. Then, finally, we will marry."

"What did you say when you wrote back?"

"I asked him if he sees bluebirds or blackbirds when he walks through Central Park. I'm waiting for his answer."

I sighed …more nonsense! But then she leaned closer and said: "The morning after I read that letter from Carlo, right here, at this table, I heard something. Tap! Tap! Tap! I looked, and there was a bluebird striking his beak against the window."

"Is that good?"

"Oh, Renata, that's very good."

"Maybe you should listen to your little bluebird."

"Perhaps, but not just yet. These things are delicate, Renata. Love must be handled with great care."

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