Regrets Sent...

I had to pass on attending the royal wedding. There were no wings on the menu. Her Majesty (a pretty nice girl, usually not much to say) gave me a call Thursday evening.

"Do reconsider. Perhaps some boneless wingbits," she pleaded.

"Sorry. Real men eat wings with bones. Regrets," I replied. "Besides, I'd miss the Blogfest in Pittston on Friday night."

"I tried to get them to move the date," Her Highness sighed.

"Rooney's Irish Pub wouldn't budge?" I asked.

"Silly Boy. I tried to move the wedding date. I wanted to show off my lovely yellow hat in Pittston. Couldn't be arranged. Too much bother with all the security. Enjoy the Blogfest. Send my love to Yonkstur. Toodles!"

Click went the phone.

Yup. A pretty nice girl.

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