From the Sky - Part X

Wedding Cake...

The wedding had its share of small and large disasters, but don't they all? A bridesmaid who suddenly doesn't fit in her dress because she's obviously eating for two and denies it; florists arriving with someone else's flowers and barely fixing their mistake in time; last minute guests arriving that never returned their RSVP. Those are the small fiascos. My upended wedding cake is at the other end of the spectrum. In between, everything was perfect.

Aunt Rae did an extraordinary job with the caterer. He did get the counts of the chicken and fish dinners reversed, but the prime rib was perfect, a rarity at receptions. The lemon-crusted tilapia was delightful, and the chicken breasts, stuffed with spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and heaven knows what else, were little bits of heaven. I'm sure all of that reflects Rae being underfoot in the kitchen. The dinner was also well-scripted. First served was an absolutely elegant fruit salad of strawberry, kiwi, orange, grapes and pineapple in small sugar-frosted bowls. Next an antipasto to share at each table, filled with a variety of olives, ham, salami, prosciutto and soft cheeses. Soon after, Italian wedding soup (of course!) served with freshly baked breadsticks stuffed in elegant glass pitchers. A small plate of pasta with a crisp and light marinara sauce after that, and then the main course served with a medley of fresh steamed vegetables and a helping of quartered, roasted new potatoes glistening with extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary. Finally, a small dish of lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate before the dessert: slices of our wedding cake. There were also platters of cannolis, cookies and tiramisu on a table along one wall for those who weren't fans of cake. That was my idea, and it proved wise as the cake didn't survive Zia's wedding toast.

The tables were absolutely elegant. The theme was tinged Tuscan: Sal went with white linen and Tuscan red organza overlays. The place holders were made from slit wine corks with name cards inserted as placeholders. The centerpieces were ivory compote vases filled with silk flowers, an array of varied Casablanca lilies. There were small bottles of imported olive oil to gift our guests. Sal had this somewhat insane idea to buy Tuscan china, but veered away when she saw the price and went with what the reception hall had available. ("It's just as well," I told her. "What on earth were you going to do with 200 table settings afterward?") It's not like Sal to think sideways like that, but there was something about my wedding that put a fire under her. Lastly, Sal and Rae worked together on choosing the wines, and bottles of good red and white were on each table.

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