Rejected by the judicial system...


I was recently notified I've been summoned for jury duty in the US District Court for the month of April.

The last time I was summoned I was ultimately deemed "disqualified" because I was deaf.

I'm still deaf... but deaf with a difference: Bilateral cochlear implants. I made the court aware of my implants. The reaction? Well, this time I am swimming in the jury pool.

How do I feel about it?

Like another closed chapter in my life has been opened again.

Yes, jury duty can be an inconvenience. But it is an essential part of our justice system. It is a duty that pales compared to the sacrifices of those who risk their lives day in and day out, at home and abroad, to protect and serve and assure our way of life.

And also, for a guy who regularly eats at his desk, a "courthouse lunch hour" is practically a vacation.

I just hope my fellow jurors won't mind the aroma of chicken wing sauce after lunch.

* * *

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