The Eternal Mayor

The Eternal Mayor

By James M. O'Meara, © 2006

Welcome to Walnutwood...

I wrote this story some years ago. The first keystrokes came on August 9, 2004. You can tell it's a really early work (I started writing late in life). Yet despite it being choppy and the language a bit stiff, it is one of the most-read stories at Dynamo (despite my virtually never pointing folks toward it). I suppose it is overdue for it's own place in the sun.

The Eternal Mayor is a "Walnutwood" tale, but the original name of the imaginary town was Smithville. The idea of an "anytown" called Walnutwood evolved as I was writing this story. Though Walnutwood is set in Pennsylvania for this story, a Walnutwood might exist anywhere in America. Perhaps you've driven through it, or perhaps it is your hometown.

The idea for The Eternal Mayor began forming when I read somewhere about a dead person getting elected to office.

It happens.

As recently as April, 2010 a dead man was elected mayor in a small Tennessee town after dying suddenly. Folks have been re-elected the same way, dying during their campaigns.

It struck me: What if a dead man was elected. And re-elected. And re-elected. Over and over again. And virtually no one knew he was dead?

This is the backdrop for one of the first stories I wrote on Walnutwood, an imaginary small town somewhere (perhaps anywhere) in Pennsylvania.

It is lighter fare. It was a lot of fun to write. Based on the hits it has picked up over the years, it's also fun to read.

Kick back and enjoy Walnutwood, it's eternal mayor Battling Bob, and the cast of characters around him.

---James M. O'Meara, Sr.

Battling Bob...

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