OK...on to the next project...

...but I'm not sure what that is!

What I have to guard against is a little streak of laziness when I finish a project, and there's a temptation to kick back a bit after finishing Patience.

But I think I will keep at it. I'll probably concentrate on From the Sky for a bit. It's much closer to completion than No Cognitive Defect. I also have numerous early drafts of stories to rewrite for submission. In short, after all these years, I finally have enough "Schtuff" to start sending multiple things out while I work on new material. I think I'm the kind of person that needs a rhythm of some type when they work.

Meantime... there's snow-a-coming. Again. I can't wait for this winter to end. I may try and dispel it with a ritual of spring (grilling on the deck). I'll offer burnt hot dogs and dried-out burgers to the gods of weather. --Jimbo

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