NCD House Cleaning and other niblets...

Since the election ended, I've been concentrating on fiction. It's hard to mope around feeling sorry for myself after losing when I'm completely immersed in the lives of the characters who have been waiting patiently for me to get back to work on them!

On that note...

I'm about to post the 16th segment of No Cognitive Defect. It struck me that I have to reorganize the NCD menus. NCD started out as a short story idea that popped into my head while I was out for a walk. But it became much more. I have to reorganize things a bit so that it's a bit less intimidating to readers. If I do it right, it's just a little "house cleaning" that won't mess up the reading experience.

Next... I'll be zipping off to Harrisburg on Wednesday, December 1 to participate in a Cochlear volunteer event. This is an area where I feel I can really "Make a Difference" (hey, that was a decent campaign slogan, wasn't it??).

Finally, I've really enjoyed watching my Nittany Lions post-election. They're a very young football team that will give opponents fits over the next two years. And, being a NEPA guy, I love a walk-on quarterback from Scranton getting the starting nod. Scranton! Where soap opera writers send characters to die!

"I'm off to Scranton, Gil!"

"See you soon, Marnie dearest."

Next episode, the phone rings.

"Gil. It's Dr. Biff. Marnie had an accident. She fell down a coal chute in Scranton. She didn't make it."

Yup. You gotta love the idea of a Scranton kid with a lot of moxie guiding the Nits. Go get'em, Matt McGloin...

* * *

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