To paint, or not to paint....

...this was the question yesterday.

I gave the shed its first coat and went inside to eat lunch before applying the second.

I checked in with the Penn State-Ohio State game. The Lions were up 14-3 at halftime. On the road.

The temptation to finish the shed on Sunday sank in immediately. After all since 1978, when the Lions beat OSU 19-0 on the road, my boys haven't scored more than 13 points in Columbus.

And here we were, 14 points already, and only halftime!

To paint, or not to paint.

And then, from on high, a booming voice: "I'm just screwing with you Jimbo. Get back to work."

The Lions lost 38-14.

The shed's done. You don't mess with the Almighty.

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