From the Sky - Part IX

Rae ignored him, not even looking his way; it was as if he didn't exist.

"Paulie, Sal had a dream just the other night."

"Dear God, enough!" Dad sighed, looking up at the ceiling, fixing his eyes on an old crack in the paint he'd never gotten around to fixing.

"Our town had crumbled into ruins," Rae continued. "Every building, every home, a pile of rubble and broken wood."

"It's true," Sal interjected, her voice thin, almost nasal. "Destruction everywhere. I sat up in bed and called Rae, then Zia. I asked them: "…Who is getting married? It's doomed. Who can it be?" We were at a loss, all three of us. And it was right under our noses!"

"Dreams, dreams, dreams," Dad scolded. "They got engaged tonight, Sal, right in front of us. When did you have this ridiculous dream?"


I gasped. I couldn't help myself: we'd seen the priest on Tuesday afternoon.

"Look!" cried Rae, pointing accusingly at Joe and me, "Don't you see, Paulie? They were already engaged. This was a sham. They've probably already booked the church. The dream…"

"Stop," said my Father, jabbing the air hard with the fork. "Dreams and superstitions …it's all a bunch of junk! My Renata knows that. My Renata is not an uneducated rube. My Renata is a college graduate, and her life won't be ruled by fortune tellers and old leather books full of baseless superstitions."

"Really, Paulie?" Rae turned to me: "Let Zia try on your ring, Renata."

Zia waved her right hand, wiggling the fingers.

I gasped again, closed my fist, and held it against my heart, hiding the ring and blushing at the same time. How stupid, how very, very stupid of me! As if Zia could steal Joe's heart.

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