From the Sky - Part IX

From the Sky - Part IX

By James M. O'Meara, © 2010

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The dinner...

We spent over an hour at the jewelry store that evening. Joe …my dear, dear, full-price Joe …fixed his eyes on a ring that cost nearly seven thousand dollars. The jeweler placed it on the counter before us. It was absolutely gorgeous and far too ostentatious. I know women who would kill for a fat, expensive ring. That's just not me. I'm unpretentious. I wear very little makeup. I like simple, plain clothing: jeans and an old blouse, or maybe a halter top on a hot day if I'm cutting grass. I do like nice, dressy clothes when the occasion calls for it but never, never anything garish. At heart, you see, I will always be that little girl who loved picking her way carefully up Uncle's honey locust tree. I could never wear Kilimanjaro on my ring finger.

"Well? What do you think?" Joe asked.

The jeweler was smiling a big, fat just-won-the-lottery kind of smile.

"I think it's not happening," I gently chided.

Air came out of the jeweler's smile. It was like watching a tire go flat.

"I have the money, Renata. I've saved every dime I ever got for my future. That's you. It's simple pie."

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