BCS Computers Select 2010-2011 National Champion

Taking their cue from the Nobel Committee, the BCS has selected next year's BCS football champion more than nine months before the 2010 season begins and before a single down has been played.

"The computers have crowned Troy University," said a BCS representative. "We're really excited about next year's BCS National Champions: The Troy Trojans!"

The Trojans will receive their BCS Championship trophy at half time of the first game of the 2010 season, an epic contest against Bowling Green State.

Troy, a successful Sun Belt Conference team, narrowly beat out Florida, Alabama and Oklahoma in the BCS computer rankings.

Troy is projected to defeat Florida 26-20 in the BCS Championship Game, according to the computers. (Florida crushed Troy 56-6 during the 2009 season.)

When given the news, a skeptical Larry Blakeney, Head Coach of the Trojans, said: "Y'all are on drugs, I reckon."

Troy Coach Larry Blakeney
Troy Coach Larry Blakeney

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