From The Sky - Part VI

Sharp footsteps approaching from the office.

"Sal!" cried Ernesto, his face red, his eyes wide.

"That mouth!" cried Gio. "Ernesto should take you over his knee! What if a customer heard you?"

Rae deftly slid in front of sister, placing herself between Sal and the two men.

"The woman called," Rae said, speaking rapidly, the words bursting from her mouth like a string of firecrackers. "Zia will paint her. The woman will pay ten thousand dollars. Zia will be rich!"

"Holy sh*t!" the brothers exclaimed together, just as Father Genovese walked through the front door for his weekly order. The prim, elderly priest's eyes flew open wide, his face darkened, and then he wheeled around and walked quickly out. Ernesto and Gio locked eyes a moment then flew out the door behind him, begging for a chance to explain.

"So tell us!" Sal pleaded to Zia.

"Tell you what?"

"Her name!" Rae demanded.

"Suite 742."

Her sisters arched their eyebrows, crossed their arms and frowned at her.

"I'm sorry. That's all she said," Zia explained. "'The car will take you to the hotel. Tell the front desk to call Suite 742 and announce you. Someone will come down for you.' So, for now, she's Suite 742."

"A woman wants to make you rich, and you don't even ask her name?" asked Rae.

"I was stunned. A lot of money falling out of the sky will do that to you." Zia began untying her apron.

"Where are you going?" asked Sal.

"A car is coming for me in twenty minutes."

"You're supposed to work another hour. What do we tell Papa and Uncle?" Sal asked.

"Tell them whatever you want, but this is ten thousand dollars," Zia replied, "I'm going upstairs to change."

Zia let her apron fall to the floor, and rushed toward the back of the bakery and out the side door.

"What do you think?" Sal whispered to Rae as Ernesto and Gio walked back in with Father Genovese. The old priest, still wary, was walking between them as they tried their best to explain and apologize, but both were talking at once and they were succeeding in little more than confusing the poor man.

"I think that maybe this woman is an enchantress. A strega. She has cast a spell on papa, on uncle, and on baby girl," Rae sighed. "I think this woman is walking out of the mist, not into it."

Sal nodded in agreement then took Father Genovese's order from the shelf while Rae rang it up on the register.

From the mist...

* * *

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