Love that BCS (Bogus Championship Series)!!!

This is my annual whine about College Football's BCS bowl system. The acronym stands for "Bowl Championship Series."

It is neither a "series" nor a "championship."

It's a meaningless batch of unimportant high-payout bowl games with one game chosen to provide a national champion.

But most years there's a team or two or six left out of the big dance, teams which could probably (and do) make sound arguments about why they should be in the championship game.

Sorry, gang. Your arguments don't matter. The computer rules. If the microchips say your team doesn't hack it, well those are the breaks.

The computer, or course, is infallible, right?

Here's what the computer rankings looked like early last week. Take a good hard look at the last column of Penn State's ranking (#14) and make up your own mind about computerized rankings.

Ummm there's a lil' problem with the computer rankings...

And while I'm always going to root for my beloved Nits, how much do you want to bet that Penn State lands a big bucks BCS bowl while Iowa, with an identical ranking ...a team which beat my Nits earlier this year ...whipped'em soundly, in fact ...gets the Big Cruel Shaft?

The Lions will get that BCS bowl (and I'll be waiting to watch them play, armed with a big-ass batch of chicken wings and a foamy adult beverage).

Iowa will play somewhere forgettable against whomever.

It's not fair. And that's why the BCS is a Bogus Championship Swindle.

And there's nothing anyone can do about it.

* * *

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