Gone Rio!
The IOC's Gone Rio!

There is disappointment in the White House tonight. Ditto in Chicago. The 2016 Summer Olympics will not be coming to the Windy City in 2016.

The Olympics have gone Rio.

There are some folks giving the President a hard time for leaving the country to try and bring the Olympics to his adopted hometown. Unemployment is rising, despite the massive stimulus that was supposed to stop unemployment in its tracks. The markets might be tanking again. Afghanistan could be going better. "He should be here," they argue, "...instead of diddling in Denmark while America goes down the toilet."

But I have no quarrel with the President making a pitch to bring the Olympics to America. You can't let an opportunity to snag the games slip by. And I don't mind a bit that he wanted those games in the midwest instead of Los Angeles or New York.

I just think he picked the wrong midwestern city.

Now there's nothing wrong with Chicago. I've been there. Great City. Fabulous pizza.

But I think he should have tried to sell the International Olympic Committee on a midwestern city that represents the new America, a city that could surely use the boost the Olympics could bring.

Detroit, Michigan. Motor City. Motown. The home of Gubbermint Motors.

With nearly 30% of Detroit city residents unemployed as of the end of July (and Lord only knows what that number is now), there are plenty of folks who would be happy to build the new facilities the Olympic Games would require. The games would bring a massive cash infusion to a city so poor that people can't afford to bury their dead.

Those empty and idle factories dotting the landscape could have been flattened and turned into stadiums, hotels and restaurants. A rusting Motor City would have been transformed into the glittering jewel of the midwest.

An opportunity missed.

Instead of the splendor of the Summer Olympics, Motown is stuck watching the Detroit Lions.

Fate is often cruel, isn't it?

Why not Detroit?
Why not Detroit?

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