Fiction Update...Mail List Update...

Folks....the next thing that gets posted will be another installment of From The Sky. The ending is actually written, but I'm still in the piece that precedes it. It looks to be at least two installments to finish the story, and I hope to have something ready soon.

I have also made a deliberate decision to cut back on my e-mails. I average about two e-mails monthly to my subscribers. Some months will have more ...other months, nada. But even that light volume somehow put me on the blacklist with Verizon and Comcast as a spammer. Likely, this was because my e-mail server is on a "shared" server with my hosting company, and some nimrod is probably sending out Viagra spam from Rumania...and I got blacklisted.

Both Verizon and Comcast say I'm Okey-Dokey now...but I'm not tempting fate. I will send a mailer only when I post new fiction. I'll also list any number of Random Thoughts posts. So...there'll be less of me in your e-mail ....but what does arrive will point you to plenty to read!

...Jimbo (Dynamo)!

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