The Great Escape ...

I finally went back to work today for the first time since my bionics surgery.

My wife wasn't thrilled.

Last Thursday, as I snoozed in the recovery area, Doc gave my wife some simple instructions:

Put Antiobiotic cream on the surgery site daily.

Okey Doke.

Make sure your husband takes all the prescribed medications.

Piece o'cake.

Come back to my office for a re-check on Friday the 21st.

No Problemo. last thing: Don't let him go back to work until I see him next week.

Yeah. Right. Put the State Police on alert. There will be an escape.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 5AM. After five consecutive days of mind-numbing vertigo, I could move my head without setting the Universe all a-whirl. I went to the PC and wrote fiction for two hours.

Yup. I felt great. Just a tad woozy, but 100% on my game. Fit as a fiddle. It was time to tunnel out and make a run for the office. I shaved, pulled my clothes out of the dryer, and got dressed. A thorough inspection in the mirror confirmed I looked sharp.

My wife wasn't thrilled, but I had the perfect argument.

"Hey," I said. "I feel terrific. I'll just drive you nuts fidgeting around here all day. I'm better off at the office. Besides, I think the doctor's instructions were more a guideline. Why stay home? I'm hitting on all cylinders. Would Henry Ford or Bill Gates lollygag in my shoes? I think not!"

"One thing, Mr. Gates," said my wife.


"Reboot your outfit. Your shirt's on inside-out."

They always get the last word, don't they?

Looking Sharp...
Looking Sharp...

* * *

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