Emanuel: No Tax Increase on Middle Class!

Rahm on the attack!
Rahm on the attack!

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel railed today against Republican charges that the Obama Administration will tax the bejesus out of the middle class.

"Let's be clear. Let's be unequivocal. This Administration will not increase taxes on the middle class. The tax burden will be placed on those making over $250,000."

"All these rumors about increased taxes on the middle-class are just the ramblings of paranoid, whack-job, nutball, right-wing conspiracy freaks.

"If you make less than $250,000 we're not touching you. Got it? If you make more, bend over baby, the freight train's a-coming!

When informed of Emanuel's crude comments, President Obama said: "Rahm gets a little pumped up. He really should have calibrated his words more carefully."

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