From the Sky - Part IV

My aunts walked over to sit with me, and Katya told them we had to wait in the lobby until there was a free bed. Dad arrived after about a half-hour later. He looked at me, broken arm and dried blood everywhere. His eyes filled with horror.

"Where the hell is Gio?" he asked immediately.

"The curse," said Rae, shrugging.

"The curse," Sal agreed, nodding.

"The curse," I said, nodding as well.

"God, it's the three of you now!" said Dad. "Who brought her? You Rae?"


"You, then, Sal?"


"An ambulance?"

Silence from the three of us.

"Did she sprout wings and fly here?" Dad shouted, clearly exasperated.

"A nice man and his very nice son brought me," I said.

"Dear God …Gio sent you to the hospital with one of the neighbors?"

"No," I said.

"No indeed," said Sal, looking away.

"Someone driving by saw her fall from Gio's tree," said Aunt Rae. "A total stranger. He could have been a serial killer."

"He wasn't a serial killer," I cried. "He was a nice man. His boy held me hand."

"A serial killer with a child-molesting son," Rae sighed.

I started to cry, and Sal shushed everyone and worked on calming me down. It was then that Dad showed me Zia's painting on the wall, the administrator's portrait. He tried to pretend he wasn't angry at Gio because he knew that would upset me, but his cheeks were red, and his eyes still flashed.

"Well," sighed Rae. "They say a plastic surgeon will fix her cut. Maybe he can look at her chin, too."

Honey Locust Pods...

* * *

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