Waterboarding America...
Waterboarding America...

There's a lot of talk these days about Gitmo and waterboarding.

The President wants Gitmo closed. Fast. Without any plan in place to deal with Gitmo's inmates. (That seems to be a hallmark of this Administration...act now, sweat the details later. The "Trust us" strategy. Why should that work any better with this Administration than the last? Umm...this is the Government we're talking about, right?)

And then there's waterboarding ...a form of torture that simulates drowning. That, too, must cease and desist. Immediately, if not sooner.

And while the Administration tries to rush-rush the closing of Gitmo ...and while the talking heads debate waterboarding ...our Congress is about to pass legislation ...legislation our President will surely sign... to "reign in" those bloodsucking credit card companies who are crushing so many American taxpayers.

Great! Terrific! Finally, the Government goes to bat for the little guy!

So when will Americans get relief?

Not immediately. Not tomorrow. Not even next week or next month.

Try next year, starting in February of 2010.

Which means from now until then, banks and credit card companies can and will waterboard America with higher rates, fees, fees, fees, and arbitrarily reduced credit lines.

Many Americans are already drowning in debt. More will founder while waiting for reform to kick in. But this isn't "simulated" drowning. For those under water with upside down mortgages, forced to live off their credit cards, the drowning is real.

For those who depend on short term credit card debt to run a small business, an arbitrary cut in credit might mean shuttering the store.

Last week I came across an article detailing just how credit card companies ...and the banks behind them... are waterboarding America. But it was the reader comments ...hundreds of them... that really got my attention. Anger. Despair. Hopelessness. Folks, there is a major crisis brewing here. But by gosh, don't fret. The Gubbermint will save you. In 2010. After the banks and credit card companies have turned you upside down and shaken every loose penny out of your pockets.

When it comes to bailing out banks ...bailing out Wall Street ...TARP, Stimulus, TALF ...all with taxpayer money ...the Government moves with remarkable speed. But when it comes to bailing out the taxpayer, glue gets in the machine. Everything gums up. The wheels turn very slowly.

How many Americans will drown between now and February during this unprecedented waterboarding of America? One is one too many. The disconnect between Washington and the American people is a chasm that is widening by the day.

Waterboarding America...
Raise his rates again ...and don't forget to pour a few more fees over him, too!

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