From the Sky - Part III

From the Sky - Part III

By James M. O'Meara, © 2009

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Contorni - Funghi Trifolati

Funghi Trifolati...

Has it really been a week since the last time we talked? Well, since I talked…and you listened. I still find it hard to believe that anything I say would interest you. Of course, it's not me you want to hear about, is it? Don't shake your head, it's true. We both know it. It's the story I'm telling that has your attention. I do have something juicy to share with you, though, if you'll indulge me.

I was nearly arrested a few days ago!

Can you believe that? Nearly slapped in cuffs and hauled away in full view of the neighbors!

Remember Mr. Franco? The old bastard? I had a run-in with his son. I was cutting the grass on Sunday and the two of them were sitting on the old bastard's porch ogling me. Swilling lemonade, the both of them, and I'm sure they were drooling back into their glasses as they watched me cut. I was about halfway done when the mower conked out. It was running fine, and then it just stopped. There were no gouts of smoke or sudden shimmies and shakes. It just died, and no amount of pulling the starter cord would get it going again.

Joe would have been in his glory, fetching his toolkit and spreading the guts of the mower out on the lawn so he could "troubleshoot" the engine. Troubleshooting involves several cold beers and the better part of a day tinkering and cussing, but he always fixes it, and the grass gets cut.

Joe wasn't home. He was at his brother's house watching a ball game, so it was up to me and the screwdriver I found on the workbench to try and resuscitate the Craftsman. I gave it a good looking-over. Nothing seemed amiss. I've learned a little bit about the mower since Joe got hurt. I know where the air filter is and how to replace it. I can make sure the spark plug wire is firmly seated. I check sporadically that the blade isn't getting jammed up with wet grass. I can even change the oil. I couldn't find a thing wrong.

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