No Cognitive Defect XIV

No Cognitive Defect - Part XIV

By James M. O'Meara, © 2009

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Blue Nude...

She sat on the couch for half an hour, trying not to worry, telling herself that any second now she'd hear the porch door open and Wilson shouting from the kitchen: "Anita! Help me escape from this parka!"

The only sound she heard, other than the wind rushing around the house, was the occasional crack of firewood popping in the fireplace.

Another intense chill swept through her, the third in just ten minutes. She was probably running a fever. Her hands and feet felt like blocks of ice.

Something bubbled up from her memory …something her doctor said last year, during a post-transplant follow-up …something about raw vegetables. Food poisoning. Salmonella. She'd said she was going on a vegan diet and showed him the research she'd cobbled together: A copy of a colorful vegan food pyramid, with a small cap of fats at the top, all the veggies in the center, and a broad base of grains at the bottom. She handed over an article on nutritional supplements, as well as the first week's diet she'd carefully planned. Her doctor gave everything a quick look.

"This is all fine for most folks," he'd said. "But you're not most folks, Anita. You have to be careful. You'll need to take those supplements religiously to get enough iron, protein, zinc and vitamin B-12. And you need to be especially careful with the raw vegetables. The last thing you need is food poisoning. Your immune system will be easy to compromise."

"I promise to wash my vegetables," she said, holding up her right hand as if she was swearing an oath. "I'll scrub them raw, even if it kills the flavor."

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