No Cognitive Defect - XII

She was crazy about Evan, of course. Part of her was actually glad he'd unintentionally blurted out a proposal. She knew one was coming…she was sure that's why he flew her out to Los Angeles off-schedule. They had a routine. Each month he would spend a few weekends in New York. Every three months she'd come to Los Angeles. This trip was just six weeks since her last, and Evan was a man of unvarying habits. She knew he was up to something. She'd sensed the wheels turning in his head over the previous week as he tried to come up with some amazing mother-of-all-proposals outrage. He had such a tendency to go overboard. But it was done now, and as she'd heard Wilson say a few times: "That's that."

She looked out the window once more, deep into the tempest. Where was Wilson?

...Waiting for Wilson.

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