No Cognitive Defect - XII

There was a card from the soup kitchen (…we will miss her on Thursdays; she was such an inspiration to all of us…)

There was a card from her church, signed by the pastor and the members of three different service groups Erica volunteered with ( …She was truly God's gift to all of us…)

The Glennon Community Clinic sent a card (…Thanks to Erica's tireless fundraising, the people of Glennon have full-time doctors and nurses serving the community…)

She'd even seen cards from a Republican women's group in Worcester, the local Democratic political committee, and the Libertarian candidate for Governor in a single small stack on the bookshelf. Well, nice hat-trick, that, Erica. There was probably a couple dozen cards already, with more likely piled up at the post office for delivery after the storm. Who was watching poor, helpless Wilson while Superwoman was knee-deep in all of that?

As best as she could tell, Wilson was watching Wilson most of the time.

She wondered just how "limited" Wilson truly was. Yes, he clearly had a degree of disability. But over all the years she'd been sick…all those hospitalizations, outpatient dialysis sessions and countless trips to armies of doctors…she'd met many, many people able to do so much more with profoundly less physical resources than Wilson had.

It was a matter of will, she supposed. For whatever reason, Wilson chose to sell himself short. He was anything but the near-invalid Evan described, but he seemed to encourage people…especially his son… to treat him as if he was helpless. Yet he acted resentful of the very behavior he was encouraging. What drove such a toxic demeanor? It had a stunning effect on Evan. Normally an intoxicating amalgam of quirkiness, confidence, sensitivity and quiet strength, Evan turned into a sort of quivering, indecisive pudding around Wilson. He doted on his father, almost to the point of treating him like a child. The harder his father tried to push him away, the closer Evan tried to get. This was not the Evan she knew; this man was a stranger, one she wasn't even sure she liked.

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