No Cognitive Defect - Part XI

No Cognitive Defect - Part XI

By James M. O'Meara, © 2009

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The Tower of the Plains...

The Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln is that rare public building: completed within budget and fully paid for when it opened in 1932. The mammoth limestone edifice, a decade in the making, features a gold-domed tower atop a three-story square limestone base. The tower, Nebraska's tallest structure until 1969, rises four hundred feet into the Nebraska sky and is referred to in polite or mixed company as The Tower of the Plains. In looser social gatherings, it's often called The Penis of the Plains, and in looser company still, Lincoln's Pecker.

Atop the tower is an intricate mosaic frieze featuring a series of thunderbirds…rain and life, so say the Indians…framed in limestone. Capping the tower is a golden dome which darkens and shift hues in cloudy weather, but blazes in the sunlight of a clear day. Crowning the dome is The Sower, a nineteen foot tall bronze sculptor of a strapping plains farmer. He has a sack of seeds on his left shoulder, and with his right hand he is skillfully casting them into Nebraska's fertile soil. The Sower faces northwest, where all of Nebraska seems to stretch out forever past Lincoln like a vast carpet of corn and soybean farms, far-flung hamlets and towns, and the occasional larger city.

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