From The Sky - Part II

It's not just shopping. Going deaf has touched every part of my life. My twins, for instance. David and Donny used to come to me for everything, but they began going to Joe instead. It was just easier for them. I used to sing to them at the piano. The three of us, all scrunched together on the piano bench, singing for hours. They sing along with the television now while I read on the couch and pretend it doesn't hurt.

Things even changed in our bedroom, too. It used to be me trying to keep Joe quiet: "…Shhsshhh….Joe…Honey…hush… Joe…the kids…Joe…shhsshh…it sounds like a Tarzan movie in here!"

The roles reversed when my world fell quiet. I'd have my eyes closed. My breath would be quickening. I'd be a trillion miles away orbiting planet Orgasmia, just about ready to land and plant the flag, and I'd feel Joe's hand gently covering my mouth, hushing me. Mission aborted.

Many nights I would lie awake next to him while he slept, wondering why he still loved me so much. He couldn't have married me for my looks. I know I'm built okay…I do make the old bastard across the street drool…but how could Joe ignore my Norman-Rockwell-painting horrible little no-chin? My prim librarian cats-eye glasses? And then my going deaf just added another layer of complication to our lives. I couldn't think of one redeeming feature about myself, nothing to explain his devotion to me. I would lie there night after night with a bellyful of anxiety, convinced he would wake up one morning and announce he'd fallen out of love with me. God bless him, it never happened.

Perhaps Irish men are different.

Joe and his brothers avoided the type of drama that shipwrecked the romances of all the men in my family. Joe's three brothers all married gorgeous women and none of his siblings went stupid in the process. None of their lives were destroyed. And none of them had a jet engine fall on them from the sky in the final, terrible exclamation point of a ridiculous and hastily sworn curse between siblings.

Beautiful or Evil...

* * *

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