Random Thoughts

So...where are all the Random Thoughts??


Random Thoughts will still be a key part of the reworked website.

Of course, since I write pretty much everything here (so far, at least) I've been a little behind the 8-ball. Just "learning the ropes" with this new site has kept me pretty much occupied.

A Fiction Update...

First, a number of folks have asked me when the next installment of No Cognitive Defect will post.

Here's a progress report: I am nearly done editing the second installment. I don't know if it will be posted tonight, or perhaps Sunday or Monday. It will not happen Saturday, for sure (it is the annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land...Beaver Stadium...to catch the Penn State Blue-White Game).

But the second installment is very nearly "good to go" and will be here very, very, very soon, I promise.

Point Blank

As of this writing, the body count for the Blacksburg massacre is up to 33.

It gets harder and harder to shock the average American, but the number of dead in this last carnage stunned our nation.

But were we any of us really surprised?

I certainly wasn’t. If more than a few months go by without a mass casualty event, I start to fidget. I get antsy. Where will it happen next? How many will die?

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